Pool to Otley Footpaths

Douglas Louis, who is the Country Parks officer for Leeds City Council, is planning a Green Gateways Trail, linking green spaces throughout North West Leeds via the existing footpath network.

His problem is that a section of a well-used route from Pool to East Busk Lane in Otley is not currently classified as a public right of way and he is hoping that people who have used this route will complete evidence forms to enable the council to establish regular usage over a twenty year period and thus be included on the Definitive Map.

He says:
From the southeast end of East Busk Lane where there are some residences (Brick House Farm) to the disused railway line, this section of “path” has no known ownership and is not a designated public right of way. Parks & Countryside want to use East Busk Lane as part of the Northwest Country Park and Green Gateways trail so walkers can go from Old Pool Bank, along Definitive Footpath Otley 13, go under the railway bridge (disused Railway Line) and then turn left onto a desire line that goes to East Busk Lane providing a route to access Otley.

If anyone can help they should contact Douglas and he will provide the forms to complete.
Douglas Louis
Country Parks Officer
Parks & Countryside
Farnley Hall,Farnley Park
Hall Lane
LS12 5HA
Tel: 01133957439
Mobile: 07891270941
email: [email protected]

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